Project Management

DPI provides project management and engineering consultancy for offshore and specialized vessels and our core business is to manage newbuildings, upgrades and renewal surveys directly for rig and vessel owners/operators.

We setup the complete project team or boost our clients project organization with competent project team members.

Below is a list of projects we recently completed:

- SPS/RS|DP-2 Accommodation and Construction Semi Sub Safe Caledonia|Poland

- SPS/RS|Anchored Accommodation and Construction Semi Sub Safe Scandinavia|Poland

- Conversion|Anchored Accommodation/Construction Semi Sub Safe Scandinavia|Norway

- SPS/RS|DP-3 Drilling Vessel Belford Dolphin|Singapore

- SPS/RS|Anchored Drilling Semi Sub Byford Dolphin|UK

- SPS/RS|Existing Fleet of Accommodation and Construction Semi Sub upgrades during operation|Mexico

- Newbuilding|DP-3 Accommodation and Construction Semi Sub Neptuno and Atlantis|China

- Newbuilding|DP-2 OSV Olimpo and Atlas|China

- Newbuilding|3 x Highspeed Aluminium Offshore Vessels|Dubai

- Newbuilding|DP-3 Pipelay Construction Vessel Jascon 18|Singapore

- Newbuilding|DP-3 Pipelay Construction Vessel Jascon 34|Singapore

- Newbuilding|Production Platform Asta Hansteen|USA/Korea

- Newbuilding|2 x LNG Vessels|Korea

- Upgrade|DP-3 Accommodation and Construction Semi Sub Floatel Victory upgrades during operation|Singapore, USA, UK

- Conversion|Cruise Vessel Mega Star Taurus|Malaysia/Singapore

- Accommodation Refurbishment|Fixed Platform Chiraq-1|Azerbajdzjan

Site Supervision

New Buildings

Our Project Management Teams coordinate newbuilding activities with regular visits to the shipyards, providing direct support to the Site Supervision Teams.

Our Site Supervision Team structure includes experienced Site Managers, specialized Site Supervisors for all core disciplines; alternatively, we boost our client’s newbuilding organization with competent project team members.

In Short: We setup the complete newbuilding project organization, or boost our client’s newbuilding team with competent project team members

Upgrades, Conversions & Renewal Surveys

Our Project Teams manage Upgrades, Conversions & Renewal Survey activities. Our Project Team structure includes experienced Project Managers, specialized Project Engineers and Supervisors. We normally begin with conceptual design and writing specification, managing procurement, FAT’s and manage the execution process and commissioning on behalf of the owner.

In Short: We setup the complete project organization, or boost our client’s project organization with competent team members.

Project Engineering & Procurement

Conceptual Design

We do Conceptual Design & Feasibility Studies by evaluating our client’s requirements and developing a project scope to meet identified needs. A key goal is to analyze and define how innovative solutions can provide a ROI project justification. Conceptual Design & Feasibility Studies also establish a preliminary plan including scope of work and functional specifications to provide a well-defined starting point for Front End Engineering Design Studies (FEED)

Equipment & System Evaluation

Technical Specifications

Basic & Detailed Engineering

DPI also take the conceptual design further by coordinating the development of detailed design including required engineering studies, interface specification and installation specifications. For Fire Alarm, Gas Alarm and PA/GA Systems we have in-house competence for detailed engineering where DPI coordinate the correspondence required to achieve approval from classification societies according to required notations

Procurement Support (specialized)

DPI offer assistance to the client in sourcing specialized equipment approved for the Marine and Oil & Gas industry and this also includes participant in factory acceptance tests. DPI can also offer customized solutions to the client such as custom made pre-fabricated consoles for DP, Navigation, Communication and Machinery controls

In Operations Convertions

- DP Upgrades

- Safety Systems

- E&I Installations

- Accommodation Upgrades

- Steel Repair & Renewals

- Communication Systems

- Commissioning and System Handover


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